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IChOO Contest 2

We have decided the date for the next IChOO Contest! We have decided to release the contest PDF on March 30 at 9 AM EST. Again, you will have two weeks to submit but the test should not take longer than 1.5 to 2 hours. We trust you will not cheat by receiving help, posting on message boards, etc. IChOO Contest 2 will be of the same format as Contest 1. There will be one round of 15 multiple choice questions and 3 free-response questions, with a maximum score of 75.

This has been updated on our website!

Note by Ahaan Rungta
3 years ago

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Welcome back to Brilliant! Been a while since you've been very active. I'll be sure to check this out! :D Finn Hulse · 3 years ago

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Yeah Thanks, i look forward to it. Simon Mos · 3 years ago

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@Simon Mos Yes same here. Kahsay Merkeb · 3 years ago

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so interesting Alvin Reyes · 3 years ago

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I have heard about the IChOO for the first time, please tell me the details about how to register and the difficulty level. Also, is there a IMaOO of maths?? Satvik Golechha · 3 years ago

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@Satvik Golechha We are an organization called the Online Science Olympiads for Physics and Chemistry. You should register by going to Contests -> Register. Please make sure you are registering for the right contest!

For Math, you should visit OMO and NIMO or Proofathon. Ahaan Rungta · 3 years ago

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