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hello, i have just entered class 10th. i am an iit aspirant.can you suggest me what should be done by me for preparing for iit

Note by Parag Mundhada
5 years ago

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Just don't get over exausted what you have got in class 10th but also don't disappoint if you have got less, now is the time to show your real strength. Just don't study quantity wise but quality wise that means you should have track on good books so you don't get disturbed. I was an IIT aspirant but luck was not enough for me because even I have taken drop of one year then also I was not able to crack even my preparation was very good.

First of all, you must join a top class coaching as FIITJEE, BANSAL, RESONANCE etc. which is easily accessible to you. Then focus on what they guide because their guidance is key to success you must be thorough at all concepts because IIT focuses concepts not formulae based questions this doesn't mean that you shouldn't learn formulae. You also must join some other coaching Test series which gives you your all India status and standing.

Always analyse your paper not just do the formality of checking. Because by analysing you observe your weak sections to work on.

And at last don't get disappointed if some of your papers go bad, analyse that but also don't get overwhelmed with your performance because after all performance that matters is the day of JEE exam (that doesn't favoured me).

Nobody can assure you that you will excell if you are just blooming in your previous preparation but one can assure you that if you are not preparing as per the requirement is needed then you will not crack the exam. Don't feel that I'm making a fear of exam I'm just balancing the both sides of nature of preparation with which student is suffered.

Just a GOOD LUCK for preparations so that you can crack IITJEE.

Shubham Kumar - 4 years, 12 months ago

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All IIT papers demand (at least that is what I saw a few years back) is concept clarity. Questions in JEE are never going to be of olympiad level (very rarely did some appear in subjective too). But they are definitely going to be tougher than your high school math/physics/chemistry. In class 10th all you need to do is get your concepts and foundation as strong as possible. Don't go for memorizing formulae( although that may be the tactic now to crack the JEE). Instead, understand the derivations/equations. Start preparing seriously in 11th and you should see yourself into one of the colleges.

Chinmmayya Hajare - 4 years, 12 months ago

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