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Integrated Science Club (2013-2015) - We participate in the CERN contest, Google Science competition and CLS Beamline for Students competitions. We receive input from scientists in the area, including Dr. Saini, President of the University of Toronto Mississauga campus.

VEX Robotics Club (2014) - Our club designs and builds a robot for the VEX Robotics competition in Toronto.

The Hound Appleby College Newspaper (2014-2015) - Student run publication, I am the editor of the Sports section.

Varsity Basketball (2011-2015) - Co captain in my senior year, team member in the previous years.

5K Jogging Group (2013-2014)- Jog to downtown Oakville after school.

Peer Counsellor (2014-2015)- Selected by previous peer counsellors to be a resource for the student body.

Walker House Academic Representative (2014-2015) - I assist with the academic progress of Walker girls and help out in events organized by the Residence Life Council.

Chapel Warden (2014-2015) - Warden of the John Bell Chapel at Appleby.

Oakville Basketball Club Team (2012-2014)- As part of the town team, I played around the province and competed at the Ontario Basketball Championships.

Free the Children Kenya (2013) - Representing my school, I travelled to Ya Bogani, Kenya to visit Free the Children project sites and helped build an all-girls boarding school in the area.

Northridge Revera Senior Home Volunteer (2011-2013)- I assist with the transportation of seniors to and from events, catering and the planning of weekly activities.

Joseph Brant Hospital (2011-2012)- 100 hours total serving as an ICU, Emergency and Hand Clinic volunteer.

Oakville Basketball Club (2011-2013)- I help with scorekeeping, referring MicroBaller games and coaching.

Oakville Center for Performing Arts (2011-2013)- I greet guests and check coats at the theater.

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