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\(\text{Hello to all Students who gave this year Advanced 2015 .}\)

JEEAdvanced2015CounsellingProcedure:ComprisesofthefollowingstepsJEE Advanced 2015 Counselling Procedure: Comprises of the following steps

*1. JEE Advanced 2015 Online registration: *
Click here to Register Online (link will be provided later)
Enter the following:
JEE (Advanced) Roll Number - As Given in JEE Advanced 2015 dmit Card
JEE (Advanced) Registration Number - as given in JEE Advanced 2015 Admit Card
Date Of Birth - (as given in JEE Advanced 2015 Admit Card)
Password- (should be between 8 and 15 characters)
Confirm Password
Candidates should note down the system generated User ID (Registration No) as well as the password they have set.

2. JEE Advanced 2015 Online choice filling: June 25 to 29, 2015
Candidates have to log in to fill their choices as per preferences of branches, courses and institutes. They shall log in using the User ID (Registration No), JEE Advanced 2015 Roll No and Password.
Candidates can fill in as many choices from the available list of seats in the order of preference. (candidates are advised to fill in a minimum of 50 choices.
Candidates can change, edit, reorder their choices and add new ones till the final locking. Candidates should not forget to check and lock their final choices by the stipulated date failing which their choices will be automatically locked.
Once LOCKed (after a minimum of 50 choices), candidates are advised to take a print out of their choices for safe-keeping.
If access to the JCOP is denied, candidates have to inform the JEE Advanced helpline to resolve the same.
JEE Advanced 2015 Seat Allocation will be on the basis of the JEE Advanced 2015 All India rank (AIR) obtained by the candidates.
Candidates must fulfil additional fitness criteria for courses in Mining Engineering and Mining Machinery Engineering and related courses.
Similarly, candidates seeking admission in Petroleum Engineering related Courses and M.Sc. Tech. Applied Geology must be free from colour blindness
Note: ISM Dhanbad does not admit women candidates to the courses in the Mining Engineering, Mining Machinery Engineering and related courses

3. JEE Advanced 2015 Online seat allotment:
JEE Advanced 2015 Seat Allocation will be completed in three rounds as per the schedule given below.
Candidates must log in using the User ID (Registration No), JEE Advanced 2015 Roll No and Password to check their Seat Allotment
Candidates should check their JEE Advanced 2015 Seat Allotment at the end of every round
Allotments may change due to upgradation. Hence students must be careful.
During online seat allocation, the soft copy of the category (SC/ST/OBC-NCL) certificates uploaded at the time of registration or afterwards will be scrutinized. If found to be unacceptable, they will be treated as GE only if their score in the Paper-1 of JEE Main 2015 is above the declared cutoff marks
Note: If allotted a seat- candidates must proceed for Online Payment to book their provisional seat allocation.

4.JEE Advanced 2015 Online Provisional Admission
After allotmentCandidates will have to pay the provisional admission fee as follows: GE & OBC: Rs 60,000
SC/ST/PwD: Rs 20,000
Fee can be paid via the Electronic Payment Gateway (payment by Internet Banking, Debit/Credit Cards as well as payment in the nearest branch)
Candidates have to upload a Declaration on Acceptance Form (this is generated in JOCSAP) after it is signed by themselves and their parents, stating that they are eligible for admission as per the 'top 20 percentile cut off marks of their respective Board in their respective categories for the year of passing the Qualifying Examination”
They also have to upload the scanned copy of mark sheet of class XII as well
Candidates allotted a seat for the first time in any of the first three rounds should report to the respective institute as per the specified dates mentioned on their respective websites

Reporting to the Allotted Institutes:
Candidates, who have accepted the offer of admission by paying the specified fees, can take a printout of the final course allotment along with provisional admission letter from JOCSAP
They must report to the admitting institutes on the date of registration as notified in their respective web pages
Candidates must be present in person for certificate verification and fee payment.

Documents to be furnished during JEE Advanced 2015 Reporting:
The original documents along with one attested copy must be furnished during the physical verification for taking provisional admission:
JEE Advanced 2015 Seat Allotment letter from JOCSAP portal
JEE Advanced 2015 Original Admit card
JEE Advanced 2015 Application Form as per Annexure 1 of the Brochure (duly filled) Duly filled Medical Examination Report as per Annexure 2 of the Brochure Proof of Date of Birth: Class X/HSC/Birth Certificate/ Any other certificate as proof of data of birth
Class XII/SSC/Equivalent exam Mark sheet and Certificate of passing
Category Certificate (OBC (NCL)/SC/ST/PwD/DS) issued by the competent authority as per the format in the JEE Advanced 2015 Brochure.
For the foreign national candidates: Attested photocopy of the page in the passport containing the name, photo and nationality

*Disclaimer: As of now, JoSAA 2015 has not provided complete details regarding the counselling procedure. *

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