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I'm Farhana Rahman Luba. I'm just a normal girl who's kinda' insane. I opened an account here searching a homie of mine on google, and I'm already quite addicted to this website. But seriously, It's quite frustrating to see so many brilliant people here, I'm kinda' thinking lower of myself now. I have a thing for brainiacs, so there's a good chance I'll find my soulmate here ^^ . And someone please teach me stuff about combinations and probabilities, I'm really weak in these two :D I hope I'll have a great time solving all these ^^

Note by Farhana Rahman Luba
3 years ago

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Glad to have you on Brilliant Farhana!

Please keep in mind that Brilliant is extremely challenging for darn close to everybody on this website. That is one feeling that people of all levels share. There is no reason to feel inadequate on Brilliant, in that all thinking on Brilliant is generally above and beyond, and hard by design. Furthermore, the absurdly smart people on Brilliant are generally pretty nice and supportive. Once you get used to Brilliant, most people find the activity of more experienced problem solvers to be motivating and inspiring rather than frustrating.

If you want more worked examples and explanations of concepts in combinatorics/ probability, check out our techniques section. Scroll down to the section on Combinatorics, I use these pages a lot when I do Brilliant in my free time. That said, I think that carefully digesting the solutions of other's on problems that are just outside your grasp is the more efficient and fun way to learn on Brilliant. Peter Taylor Staff · 3 years ago

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@Peter Taylor Thanks Peter :D I'm glad to be here ^_^ Farhana Rahman Luba · 3 years ago

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Don't lower yourself :) Your are already competing with the brainiac's and answering the brainiacs questions, if u believe.

There are already a lot of people from Bangladesh, out here. Hope u find your soulmate and will have a good time in solving problems..., Manoj Kumar · 3 years ago

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@Manoj Kumar Thank you,Manoj! I hope you have a great time here,too! :D Farhana Rahman Luba · 3 years ago

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good one people who show themselves low is the quality that person have good knowledge Khaja Zubair · 3 years ago

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@Khaja Zubair Thanks Zubair! ^_^ I'm following you! Farhana Rahman Luba · 3 years ago

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Following you ;) Rafael Dinis · 3 years ago

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@Rafael Dinis Thanks Rafael,I'm following you,too! ^_^ Farhana Rahman Luba · 3 years ago

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