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[IPhOO] World Cup Results!

Grading complete; results posted. View the results below. These have also been posted at our website. Congratulations to the all-round Brazil Team A (Cassio dos Santos Sousa, Ana Figueiredo de Jesus, Leonardo Henrique Martins Florentino, Marina Maciel Ansanelli, and Giovani Hidalgo Ceotto) for taking home the first ever IPhOO World Cup, and for Yan Qi Huan for #1 individual!

Team; Individual.

All teams and individuals did really well! If you did not finish in the top 50 but want to know your exact rank, please e-Mail us. You were already sent your individual scores.

Thank you to everybody who made this an outright success. There were 280 registrants for the cup and 121 contestants submitted. More statistics and information on prizes coming to your e-Mail-inboxes soon.

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3 years ago

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