Is JEE the end of life ?

On sunday I messed up my JEE paper , i'am really verey very frightened and Panic in exam (As this was my last attempt) . I can't say in word's , but it was like a dark of my life ... I was getting constantly 60 % + in my coaching , but in reallty (JEE) i getting approx (guess key) ~ 210/504 (~42%) ... Resonance predictor says my rank will lie in 6500-6800 aprox ....

\bullet What rank I should get according to you people ?

My father says i did not get IIT with core branch in this rank , (general category) , I'am really depressed .. Even I thought that this is end of my life , Since this was my drop year ! ..... My and my parents expectaions were high , #but I'm failed .

I was feeling two low . (can't say in words) Even I did not sleep last night and gave my Bitsat paper without taking sleep , on today

Yes I had given my bitsat today(monday 25th may) , here also I again messed up (all things of advance running in my head ) (chemistry I leave 10 question , NCERT shits ) and i getted 318/450 ...

Please tell ,

\bullet Is JEE is basis of deciding sharpness(capability) of any student ?

\bullet If someone getting low (like me) does it mean that , I'am not deserve to become good enggenieer ?

\bullet If someone getting more marks than me in JEE , Even I always get much Higher marks than he/she in coaching or school test , but this time he got far better than me , as I did terrebilly silly mistakes , like as : I fill 2 problems(Integers) in OMR in a single question , 3 times , than I'am an stupid , and he/she is more intelligent ?

Note by Ved Sharma
6 years ago

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First of all, thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts with us.

Remember : Age doesn't define maturity. And Marks don't define your intelligence.

\bullet I also took a drop for one year to prepare for admission into IIT. I failed to crack IIT-JEE (JEE-Advanced). I failed to crack even AIEEE (JEE-Mains). I failed to crack even BITSAT. I failed many.....many times. I fell down many times. But it never happened that I failed and I didn't start my journey for success again. It never happened that I fell down and I didn't get up again to fight.

\bullet Never compare yourself. And still if you're habitual of comparison/competition, then I'd say that compete with yourself (the True Yourself, the next Yourself, the Ideal Yourself).

\bullet I am not an IITian/NITian/not even an Engineer. But I don't allow it to put question marks on my intelligence or my sharpness. Then why are you thinking so ? Don't allow just an exam to enter into the territory of your intelligence and rule you.

\bullet You will be a Good Engineer in the future or not doesn't depend on the college in which you'll be pursuing B.Tech., It completely depends on with how much passion/love/dedication you'll be pursuing that. Take my words, Every IITian is not a Good Engineer, and Every non-IITian is not a Bad Engineer.

\bullet If JEE would be the end of life, then only IITians will be here on the earth, then think : who'll teach those IITians ???!!! :P

\bullet My one point of view about the exams : The essence of an exam doesn't lie in whether you got failed or passed, it lies in what you learnt from it.

All the best my dear !!! And one thing that I'd say that you've performed very well in the exams i.e. JEE-Advanced and BITSAT. I feel kinda proud of you. You've got respectable marks. Get up my friend, an Awesome Engineering Career is waiting for you. Now it's the time for you to prove it.

Sandeep Bhardwaj - 6 years ago

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Thanks you so much sir by heart .. I'am feeling much better now .. You are great source of insipiration for me . You are absolutly right , I realised that it is not end ... Infact this is beginning , from now you see a new Ved .. I assure you will soon proud me. I'am sure that i will succeed in my future .

I can't say in words but really Sir , thank you so much ...

ved sharma - 6 years ago

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Sir I have also messed up this Sunday. ..I m thinking to take drop....of a year. .where shud I get coaching sandeep sir.....would u plz reply me on my email. is kota a ryt choice

Kundan Patil - 6 years ago

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Its not the failure, its your attitude how you take it, will decide the course of your life..!!!
Never Let the failure break you, Make it your strength..!!

The Richest persons on this planet are not IITians..!!

Rohit Gupta - 6 years ago

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But most are engineers who have became businessmans.

Sahil Silare - 4 years, 6 months ago

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actually the resonance rank predictor is not correct and neither does that of any else.....JEE is going to decide what will too dropped i am too getting 213/504 and BITSAT 323/504 and belongs to general category but i am not be happy u will get a good jee......... DON"T WORRY BE HAPPY

Madhukar Thalore - 6 years ago

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JEE is not the end of your life. My dad is a graphics engineer creating computer simulations and mining softwares, and he didn’t need the JEE. When my dad was 16 years old, he started preparing for the JEE, because he came from a middle class family in Chennai, India. One day, he realised that doing all this chemistry and physics wasn’t going to be of much use to him, and he quit. Instead, he got a near perfect GPA and got into BITS Pilani and from there into Colorado, leading in computer graphics.

I personally think that IIT is a waste of time, because even though it’s standards are pretty high, it lacks funding and that’s why it is not in the top 200 universities for engineering in the world. No offence meant to many of those members in who are from IIT.

So, my advice from my father, who is a leading graphics engineer in Australia: getting into a good university abroad is a far better use of time than IIT. IIT is overrated.

And I don’t give a fuck if anyone dislikes this comment.

Krishna Karthik - 2 years, 7 months ago

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Please, you do not need the JEE to become a good engineer. I see you have deactivated your account. I hope you become a good engineer.

Krishna Karthik - 2 years, 7 months ago

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I could not crack JEE in 2018. Dreams shattered. But today I am interviewing the same companies that would visit any IIT and I am sure I will crack them.

Harshit Gangwar - 9 months ago

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How is your life now? Hope you are doing best in life

Nithin S - 5 months ago

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I hope too :)

Purvi Ganvir - 3 months, 1 week ago

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Just got the summer internship at Visa Inc. I am happy.

Harshit Gangwar - 3 months, 1 week ago

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I am so happy for you ,Harshit :)You found your way. That is so great

Purvi Ganvir - 3 months ago

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Not bad! Nice one

Krishna Karthik - 3 months ago

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