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Is light's speed undetermined ?

We say that according to special relativity , as we approach the speed of light 'c' , time slows down .

This means that when we reach the speed of light , time stops completely. So ,from that instance of time , if we move to even an inch , our speed would be an inch / 0 . It is because time has stopped completely and it takes 0 seconds . This means that my speed cannot be determined and light's speed also cannot be determined. This violates common sense.

Is my thought right or wrong ?

Note by Sriram Venkatesan
2 years, 4 months ago

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I think maybe it's because the rule of special relativity can only be applied to the speed that approach the speed of light,but not exactly the same with speed of light 'c'. The special relativity rule stated that there isn't thing that can moves as fast as or faster than light. So if you input a calculation of something that moves with the speed of 'c' into the special relativity formula, it will violate the rule, and it would become undetermined.
I've already read an article about 'neutrino' that can move with the speed of 1,3 c. If it is true, then maybe there'll be a new formula that will overcome the special relativity rule, just like Albert Einstein's relativity rule break the Newton classic fisics. Just my opinion though, maybe the experts would say better :)

Andronikus Lumembang - 2 years, 4 months ago

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