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Isn't it too late?

Everyone has to assent that people who are been trained since their childhood(age of 9-10) excel a lot in math.Like,I wasn't trained for olympiad math.From last year,I came to know what is olympiad and what is olympiad math,so I started doing it and I like it.But today I see that students who have started before me are very very good at it,so I am frustrating as I wasn't taken care in my last few years.So,isn't it too late for preparing?

Note by Kishan K
3 years ago

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Given that you're 14, you would be considered as starting young. For those much older, as long as you are willing to put in the work, it is not too late.

If you are really want to excel in math, I would encourage you to work on math problems for 3 hours a day. I've seen a lot of cases where perseverance over the long term trumps talent. As Einstein said, "Genius is 1% talent and 99% percent hard work."

The skills you learn in problem solving will also serve you well in future, even if you do not go on to get a PhD in mathematics. Calvin Lin Staff · 3 years ago

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It's NEVER too late...never ever lose hope...You're only 14 trust me you have a lot of time...If you prepare yourself for the olympiads then you can surely do well in them...As you are a level 5 and level 4 in many topics that means you have a lot of potential....At your age i couldn't even think of solving level 5 Brilliant problems.....So always be optimistic...worrying and negative thoughts will only waste your time and make you unhappy...Ignore them!!! Good Luck!! Eddie The Head · 3 years ago

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@Eddie The Head if you think you weren't trained in olympiad math since childhood then think about Ramanujan...The self-trained genius... Eddie The Head · 3 years ago

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@Eddie The Head Really Liked your comment,,,,,,, Specially Ramanujan's example.....A perfect example Dinesh Chavan · 3 years ago

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Same is the case with me,,,,, Now, I Ponder, which topic to select,,, There is a lot of undiscovered maths everywhere.................. Dinesh Chavan · 3 years ago

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thanks everyone... Kishan K · 3 years ago

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