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JEE Advanced Unsolved Past Papers

JEE Advanced / IIT JEE 2008-2016 Unsolved Past Papers Enjoy!

I had earlier started to make Archives (eg. IIT JEE 1982 Mathematics 'Adapted' Question Paper); but as the reach of Brilliant is an extremely small number of JEE aspirants, as also the time required for maintaining them is too much for me, I stopped that project.

Rather, I did remake IIT JEE 1982 Maths and Physics paper in .odt (and exportable to .pdf format - for the portability boost it provides), in much shorter time than the time required to make these on Brilliant. Unfortunately, to continue making them, I do not have the time. Instead I request the community (Brilliant, as well as, non-Brilliant - especially those who would like to make free-JEE-preparation-material available to aspirants) to contribute here.

Note by Shubhamkar Ayare
5 months, 1 week ago

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