June Newsletter

Greetings from the moderation team! Here is the June Edition of the much awaited newsletter. As usual, it encapsulates the best of Brilliant over the past month. From the best posts to the most active members, it has it all.

New Features to be Excited About:

  • Your performance at Brilliant can now get you a job in a leading company. Doesn’t sound credible? Then read this.

  • Did you ever feel that your solution isn’t the best way out? Or maybe wished that some mentor reviewed it? Brilliant has heard it all. You can submit a request to have your solution reviewed by Challenge Masters!

  • Guess what? Notifications just got better. In case of a new,unread notification you would now have a star on the tab on which Brilliant is open. So now, you need not switch between tabs just to check for notifications.

Notifications Notifications

Challenging Problems

Over the past month the feed was flooded with a large number of problems across all topics and levels. This is not something new to the Brilliant community, but the strength of the flux is inspiring and motivating as always. Here are a few handpicked problems just in case you found the flow to be strong.

These are some out there in the brain gym which would keep you working for quite some time.
The Mystic Triangle , Seven Eight Nine , Don't try x=y=zx = y = z and Magnet falling in a copper tube.

After all that workout here some easier ones. Warning: Neither would they leave you without having them a second thought.
Aren't they the same thing?, Isn't it equal to 1?, Can you boil this water?, Triangle-ception and Do you know your basics - VIII.

New and Active Members

The ever-expanding community yet again witnessed incorporation of some new individuals who actively put in efforts and enhanced the experience of the community with their problems, solutions, wikis and comments having actively contributed them over the past four weeks or so. They deserve a word of recognition and the moderation team sincerely appreciates the efforts of Abyoso Hapsoro, Vijay Simha, Ankit Nigam, Dhaman Trivedi, Colin Carmody and Arian Tashakkor and hopes that they continue this active interaction with the community.

Who To Follow

Interestingly in this edition, each of the members who has made it into the WhoToFollow List is really great at one of the major topics out here. So no matter where your interests lie, you would find your idol in this list.

PS: It seems we haven’t found our master logician yet and apparently the programmers had some time off recently.
Do hit the follow button on their profiles.

Popular Posts:

A collection of discussions which are worth a dekko.

  • Ever wanted to know how one of those popular members are like other than being a math/physics whiz? Brilliant has begun featuring some of its popular members, one each month, from this May. Catch up from the first note in the series which features Jake Lai.

  • It has been 10 odd days since the JEE-2015 and this discussion encapsulates the reactions and performances of our fellow members who took the important examination this time.

  • Ever tried doing simple things the difficult way? This is how you try estimating π2\pi ^2 using Riemann Zeta Functions.

  • Thinking of taking JEE and don’t know from where to begin? Start here

  • Nihar just mixed up Vieta’s, polynomials and progressions. This is how the mixture tastes.

This concludes the June edition of the Newsletter. Hope you all liked it !


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6 years ago

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  Easy Math Editor

This discussion board is a place to discuss our Daily Challenges and the math and science related to those challenges. Explanations are more than just a solution — they should explain the steps and thinking strategies that you used to obtain the solution. Comments should further the discussion of math and science.

When posting on Brilliant:

  • Use the emojis to react to an explanation, whether you're congratulating a job well done , or just really confused .
  • Ask specific questions about the challenge or the steps in somebody's explanation. Well-posed questions can add a lot to the discussion, but posting "I don't understand!" doesn't help anyone.
  • Try to contribute something new to the discussion, whether it is an extension, generalization or other idea related to the challenge.
  • Stay on topic — we're all here to learn more about math and science, not to hear about your favorite get-rich-quick scheme or current world events.

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> This is a quote
This is a quote
    # I indented these lines
    # 4 spaces, and now they show
    # up as a code block.

    print "hello world"
# I indented these lines
# 4 spaces, and now they show
# up as a code block.

print "hello world"
MathAppears as
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2 \times 3 2×3 2 \times 3
2^{34} 234 2^{34}
a_{i-1} ai1 a_{i-1}
\frac{2}{3} 23 \frac{2}{3}
\sqrt{2} 2 \sqrt{2}
\sum_{i=1}^3 i=13 \sum_{i=1}^3
\sin \theta sinθ \sin \theta
\boxed{123} 123 \boxed{123}


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How the hell are these 14 year olds so good? I used to waste my time watching pokemon and beyblade when i was young..

Pankaj Joshi - 6 years ago

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Same here bro! But I wouldn't call it wasting my time . I actually enjoyed them ^_^

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Yeah , I am enjoying them too :P

Nihar Mahajan - 6 years ago

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Well, here I would love to add that you seem to be 17 years young as per your profile. You've got the infinite potential and you can create yourself so wonderful in the coming years that someone will start up commenting "how the hell is this 19 year young so Genius" .

Don't mind. It's just for the sake of Hope.


Sandeep Bhardwaj - 6 years ago

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This applies to @Azhaghu Roopesh M too! :P

Nihar Mahajan - 6 years ago

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I do both brilliant and watching random stuff on YouTube when I neglect my homework

Julian Poon - 6 years ago

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I do enjoy Pokemon and Beyblade, Chakar de Takkar!

Swapnil Das - 6 years ago

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Pankaj Joshi - 5 years, 11 months ago

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Exactly, I want to be 14 again.

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Same here, good fret-free old days...

Pankaj Joshi - 5 years, 11 months ago

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Moderation cares for you. Don't miss the chance to go through it.

Sandeep Bhardwaj - 6 years ago

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I think in New and Active Members , name of @Ikkyu San must also be included , since he is posting really very nice problems.

Nihar Mahajan - 6 years ago

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Thanks for including me in the list! ¨\ddot \smile

Nishant Rai - 6 years ago

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Keep up the great work mods !

I just wanted to mention a name that got missed out :

@Kishlaya Jaiswal

I think he's a genuine candidate for the post of Master Tactician .

It's really really strange that his name hasn't been featured as of now , in any of the Who to follow lists . Just wanted to say , he is definitely worth a mention .

Log in to reply

Many thanks for mentioning me @Azhaghu Roopesh M . You are truly an awesome friend.

But honestly, I don't mind it. I think, if I've got something to share with you all, then I'll do it for sure, no matter if I get mentioned for it somewhere or not.

I apologize if I have heard anyone's sentiments.

Kishlaya Jaiswal - 6 years ago

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Is 'Brilliantian' an official demonym? Because I really think an official demonym is needed.

Omkar Kulkarni - 6 years ago

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@Calvin Lin sir

Karan Siwach - 6 years ago

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Thanks for mentioning my work on polynomials too!

Nihar Mahajan - 6 years ago

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The "have a challenge master read" feature does seem to have a small problem. I think the only time you see it is when just before you post an answer for the first time. But very often it takes a lot of fiddling around before the posted answer is complete, and by that time, that option is gone.

Michael Mendrin - 6 years ago

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Go ahead and request for it, and then you can add a note at the top saying "Hey, I'm not done with this yet. Don't review this as yet".

As a related example, sometimes I add "This is not a complete solution" at the top of my hint-solutions.

Calvin Lin Staff - 6 years ago

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Thank you so much for including my name in the Who To Follow list, I am honoured!!!

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I followed you!

Colin Carmody - 5 years, 12 months ago

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Please try to improve the interface of the app also.

Aditya Chauhan - 6 years ago

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