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Just curious

I was wondering why no one has solved one of my problems, namely "What is time worth?" It was given a value of 10 points and only 1 person tried it. Was it too easy to deserve a try or was it under-rated or wasn't it widely posted?

Note by Guiseppi Butel
3 years ago

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Your problem probably "got lost in the noise". If nobody answers it or reshares it within a day or two after it's posted, then it becomes less likely anybody will see it later because by then it's dropped too far down in the postings. I've just now re-shared it, so this will give it another shot at it.

What is time worth?

It's probably 2nd level, I think, because it takes a bit of time to go through all the steps to come to the correct conclusion.

Also, I've learned that if you don't give your problem a rating when you post it, it will automatically have a value of 10, and it will stay there until people start answering it, and algorithms used by Brilliant will then determine its rating. If you give it any rating, it'll then start with 100 points. Brilliant is still tinkering with its rating system, I don't think it's settled yet. Michael Mendrin · 3 years ago

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@Michael Mendrin Good observation about the ratings system! Shabarish Ch · 3 years ago

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There, I tried it. Shabarish Ch · 3 years ago

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@Shabarish Ch What's your thoughts about the scarcity of response? Guiseppi Butel · 3 years ago

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@Guiseppi Butel I haven't thought about it, sorry. Shabarish Ch · 3 years ago

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