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Kinematics Problems.

Solutions To A few Problems Required.

They are quite Easy.

Q1.The motor Of an Electric Train can give it an acceleration of 1 \(\dfrac{m}{{s}^{2}}\) and It's brakes Can give it a negative acceleration of 3\(\dfrac{m}{{s}^{2}}\). What is the shortest time in which the train can make a trip between two stations apart is?

Q2. A particle Of mass 2 kg with a constant velocity with constant acceleration covers 10m in the 3rd Second and 16m in the 4th Second. What was its Initial Velocity?

Q3. A ball is thrown Upwards with an initial Velocity of 20m/s From a tower of height 50m. What time Elapsed when it passes the edge of the tower?


Note by Mehul Arora
2 years, 2 months ago

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