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I have claimed the lanyard and 1000 points were redeemed from my total score but I didn't receive even an email telling me the way by which I can get it Pls advise.

Note by Samuel Grant
4 years ago

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Thank you Alan very much Samuel Grant · 4 years ago

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How to claim a lanyard Raghunathan N. · 2 years, 5 months ago

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You don't get an email. Once you've redeemed it they automatically send it to you. Trust me on this, I've received two from them so far. Also, international shipping takes longer than domestic shipping in the U.S. and thus you should expect at least a month for the lanyard to reach you. Alan Liang · 4 years ago

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wat's a lanyard ? a physical thing ?? and will they be shipped to our home ? Pulkit Singal · 4 years ago

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@Pulkit Singal a lanyard is a rope to hold keychains, keys, etc Alan Liang · 4 years ago

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