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\(\large{\text{The Tongue Twister Contest (Results)}}\)

Hi guys! After a long wait, the results of The Tongue Twister Contest are finally out! You can see the statistics below:

Congratulations to Shubhendra Singh for receiving the maximum votes for his tongue twister:

"Upper Roller Lower Roller"

The runners up were Aman Sharma and Harsh Shrivastava

Here are the votes of all participants:-

Shubhendra Singh - 21 votes

Aman Sharma - 9 votes

Harsh Shrivastava - 8 votes

Hawkeye Arora - 7 votes

Ashutosh kaul - 7 votes

Prasun Biswas - 7 votes

Vikram Venkat - 7 votes

Aaron Paul - 6 votes

Parth Lohomi - 5 votes

Priyatam Roy - 4 votes

Anik Mandal - 3 votes

Raj Sugan - 3 votes

Ceesay Muhammed - 2 votes

Prateek Mehra - 2 votes

Aareyan Manzoor - 1 vote

Vatsalya Tandon - 1 vote

Manupriya Sharma - 1 vote

So once again guys, congratulations to all for participating in this contest!

Note by Anuj Shikarkhane
2 years ago

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@Anuj Shikarkhane Yay!! Harsh Shrivastava · 2 years ago

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Gee. Pretty happy about that. Vikram Venkat · 2 years ago

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