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LATEX and RATING sometimes miserable!

See, it's not that I have my computer on all day and solve problems as I have other works to do so what I earlier did was: I printed the problems and worked them out in free time. That meant I had to copy the question onto MS-Word and earlier, it worked perfectly. Now with the "rating" thing, whenever u enter a problem, your rating goes down and I think this should be stopped. The rating should go down only when ur answer is WRONG, even within the 3 tries. So whenever I entered a question to view it completely, I found my rating dropped and I needed to solve the question IMMEDIATELY so that I regained my rating. This proves a bit inconvenient as I can't copy my problems onto paper and print them so that I can work on them, later that day. Second thing is, earlier, the entire problem could be copied but now, in most of the problems, the numerical figures are not getting SELECTED by the cursor. So I need to type the entire problem in Word if I wish to copy it.

Note by Leonardo DiCaprio
3 years, 9 months ago

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