Legendary "Feynman Lectures On Physics" Are Available For Free

Woohoo! Caltech has put the Feynman Lectures On Physics on a website for anyone to read for free. Maybe it has been up for awhile and I just hadn't noticed till now. When I was in college, I shelled out a lot of money for paper copies of all 3 volumes. I have hauled them back and forth across the USA on all of my moves since.

There are many virtues to these lectures. If you are bored in a more conventional introductory physics course, these lectures offer a different perspective, exposition style, rigor, and even topics than any of my other first year physics books.

One thing I love about these books is the cool side-chapters on topics that were not covered in my intro courses. A good example is The Mechanics of Seeing.

You can find some of the problem sets, that originally accompanied the lectures here.

Note by Peter Taylor
7 years ago

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I knew about this one!!!!! Can you please share some more good books(or lectures) on Physics and Mathematics which are available for free??

Kartik Sharma - 6 years, 8 months ago

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Thankyou Sir.

AAditya Barot - 7 years ago

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Apart from the Lecture Notes, there are also Audio Lectures of Feynman himself giving lectures to people at Caltech...
I have all the 3 volumes in PDF as well as the Audio lectures....Its a shame that they didn't put up video lectures..anyway, thanks for the info.

Anish Puthuraya - 7 years ago

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I'm guessing video does not exist. I don't think that it was commonplace to have video cameras in classrooms in 1961-3, even at Caltech.

Daniel Hirschberg - 7 years ago

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I too have this book it's an amazing book . The way he starts things from basic to the higher level is fantastic !

Abhishek Singh - 7 years ago

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Yes really think this is a good book to learn physics especially if you have the math.

Simon Mos - 7 years ago

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No wonder why I was sometimes struggling with the book :).

And thanks sir for sharing the links. All this while I too have borrowed them from the library (pretty uncomfortable to carry).

Kou$htav Chakrabarty - 7 years ago

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Yeah that is a good point. People should be warned that you have to be extremely comfy with calculus to get the most out of the book. Other things like probability he does a really good job of explaining in the context of the physics he want to talk about.

Peter Taylor Staff - 7 years ago

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Awesome book!!!

Beakal Tiliksew - 7 years ago

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Thanks for this Information

Anirudha Nayak - 7 years ago

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Awesome resources !

Priyansh Sangule - 7 years ago

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thanks for this great news

swapnil pratap - 7 years ago

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Yes! The exercises on that website are also great for those who are looking for a physics challenge (aside from Brilliant, of course).

Jonathan Schirmer - 7 years ago

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