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Let's get rid of this number theory!!

Have you ever wondered why 1+1=2. Well I wondered the opposite thing, why 1+1 isn't 11.. so here is my small proof for 1+1=11....



Thus, number theory collapsed!!

Note by Jaiveer Shekhawat
2 years ago

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You lost it at step 3

As we can see

\(\displaystyle 2 - \frac{13}{2} = -\frac{9}{2}\)


\(\displaystyle \sqrt{ x^{2}} = |x|\)

Hence what you did is wrong Krishna Sharma · 2 years ago

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@Krishna Sharma Well I know that I went wrong when I expanded the square, so when I expanded it changed the negative value into positive one... Well I wanted all of you to consider this and draw some inspiration and come up with all new ideas and join the mission to collapse the number theory!! Jaiveer Shekhawat · 2 years ago

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