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If \( Einstien \) or \( Newton \) would have been to attempt \( JEE \), what could be their score?

Note by Akhil Bansal
2 years ago

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What if they are the paper setter's ? Krishna Shankar · 2 years ago

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Very similar question posted in another educational site. Swapnil Das · 2 years ago

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@Swapnil Das Ya Right,i have borrowed this discussion from there. Akhil Bansal · 2 years ago

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Einstein would be ranked higher in the M.C.Q. test... while newton would have been the mathematics topper(not to deny Einstein's problem solving skills,but still), if the test were having more questions about modern physics, Newton won't stand a chance... Hetansh Mehta · 2 years ago

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Are they attempting the multiple choice pattern paper OR the descriptive type paper of yore?

If it is the former, since they most probably had not attended any coaching classes to 'crack JEE', they would get a moderate score may be a three digit rank, at best.

However, if they are attempting the descriptive questions, they would ace the test. Janardhanan Sivaramakrishnan · 2 years ago

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Urgh.....They will both get a high score. Samuel Ayinde · 2 years ago

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