Let's talk about Geometry!

Well, This topic deal's with anything classified as a shape such as: Circle,Square,Triangle,etc.. If u know the definition of Geometry that's good but for other's who don't, Geometry is the branch of mathematics concerned with the properties and relations of points, lines, surfaces, solids, and higher dimensional analogs. There a 2 way's to classified a shape.

-As a 2-D shape

  • As a 3-D shape

These images are we know as 2-D shape with only a base with length and a width. In basic math from about 3rd-7th u should learn about the basic fundamentals about these shape's and how to calculate the area or perimeter of a shape.

3-D shapes are the regular shape as a square or triangle but just 1 thing added HEIGHT!! These shape's take up more space the the formula for these shape's change's dramatically. The square u use to know has change and became a big boy. These are some formulas of 2-D and 3-D shape's. (Sorry for such small Images) Mostly for like a square or rectangle the formula hasn't really change but just added height but, once u hit a circle now u talking about my favorite subject MATH!!

  • As u can see the formula for a circle or the shape we know as 3-D a sphere is 4/3pi^r^2 which this is a complex formula to learn but, is hard to work with!!!

Okay this is all for this topic I will do another Discussion but Pt.2 of Geometry which will be released on Friday, March 31 2017.

Until then, Keep solving equations and the fundamental's of Math


Pt.2 of this topic I will discuss more of the Formula of a Circle and I will show some example's as well as discussing how to solve for a missing variable such as pi or the radius

Note by Noah Smalls
2 years ago

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@Noah Smalls Do you love Geometry? (This one was b/c I love it more than anything else....) My actual question: Are you an IMO aspirant, just looking for IMO or not ?

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