Level assignment formula

Would it be possible to make the formula that assigns a level to a specific user public? In other words could you explain how the website decides which level a person gets. I mean after the diagnostic test has been taken.

Note by Jorge Fernández
5 years, 4 months ago

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Is your question how do the initial four question diagnostics determine your initial level assignment?

Or is your question how is your level assigned on an ongoing basis as you solve problems on the site?

It is the second question that matters more. We see the diagnostic quizes as merely a starting point, a necessary but but rough approximation, and so should everyone on the site. The ongoing leveling assignments are what matter because they are based on better data of your problem solving abilities, and thus are more accurate. The ongoing leveling assignments strive to respond to receiving a more accurate portrait of your problem solving aptitude, and to the fact that this aptitude will change.

Here is an old answer of Calvin's about how leveling up and down works:

The important things are: 1. Level changes are dependent on past 2 weeks of performance (apart from your first week due to the diagnostic)
2. Level changes are triggered only if you have viewed more than 4 problems over the past 2 weeks.
3. You will level down only if you answer (enough) questions wrongly.
4. You will level up only if you answer (enough) questions correctly. For students that level up mid-week, they will be at the level next week.
5. Your level will not be heavily influenced by viewing of questions.
6. You will stand to earn more points when your level changes, whether it be from solving harder problems in lieu of easier problems, or vice versa.
7. The level of problems assigned only changes the next week.

The most often case of leveling down, is from students who had a bad week, and then get a few initial problems wrong this week. We have the indication that the problems are too hard, and hence want to provide easier problems to work on.

As a clarification of 5, viewing more problems should not level you down once you've viewed enough problems (point 2). For example, a student who got 2 wrong last week, and then got another 2 wrong this week might not get a level down as yet. However, viewing 1 additional problem would trigger the level checking, which then decides to level down. This happens on accounts where users try few problems every week.

As a clarification of 4, if answering a question wrongly levels you down, there is the chance for you to level back up if you subsequently answer questions correctly. The subsequent questions could be new problems, or even previous wrong problems.

Peter Taylor Staff - 5 years, 3 months ago

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So, if I'm not able to use brilliant at all, in the next week as my exams begin from tomorrow, I will not be levelled down?

Nishanth Hegde - 5 years, 3 months ago

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Zi Song Yeoh - 5 years, 3 months ago

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Are you saying that what I did three weeks ago has nothing to do with my current level? So my current level only reflects the past two weeks and my diagnostic test?

Jorge Fernández - 5 years, 3 months ago

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