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Levels of questions

Last week i answered 3 questions correct for level 4 combinatorics but this week i answered 0 (or rather, i cannot answer anything up to now), now it appears i will get demoted to level 3 next week. Is this kind of unfair?

I am still rather new considering that i have been here only for 2-3 months

Note by Matthew Fan
4 years ago

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My records indicate that this week you got 2 questions wrong, and left 2 unanswered, as opposed to your claim that you answered 0.

The level down was triggered on Tuesday, after you got the 2nd question wrong.

Calvin Lin Staff - 4 years ago

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In the FAQ it states that you will not be penalised for not answering questions.

Getting questions wrong WILL be penalised.

Ton De Moree - 4 years ago

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Responds one for You Keep at Level 4, If there will be relegated to Achieve Level 3!

Gabriel Merces - 4 years ago

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