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LIGHT and SOUND~~The Duet.

On which of these do you have more belief: Sense of sight or Sense of hearing.

The light and sound are equally dominant.If the light has higher speed,the sound can pass through walls.But this difference plays an important role in human perceptions.It is common that most of them misinterpret things by only seeing without hearing or by only hearing without seeing?

What if both of them had the similarities i.e. both had the same speed and both could have passed via walls or neither of them could ?

The happenings of misunderstandings and misinterpretations would become much less. Do share your scientific and philosophical thoughts.

Note by Vinay Sipani
3 years, 4 months ago

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Even if one is asked "which do you trust more, sight or hearing?", whatever answer one gives may not accurately reflect the role actual sight and actual hearing plays in sensing the world. For example, if person B approaches person A from behind, off to one side, person B may believe that person A is "seen" much earlier than what's possible, because hearing person A approach from behind has created the illusion of "seeing" before it actually happens. Conversely, person B may believe that he is visually aware of what's going on the sides, but if he's listening to his smartphone, his peripheral vision can be seriously compromised. There are so many factors that make up for "situational awareness", using not only a combination of sight and hearing, but other things as well, such as motion history, or remembrance of which, the original question of "which is more trusted" is likely to be more of a personal opinion. For instance, a music composer would very likely to say, "I trust my hearing most!", simply because he lives in a world of sound, one in which with it he can ever "everything" going on in his orchestra, far more than he can hope to achieve by sight.

Michael Mendrin - 3 years, 4 months ago

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Your point of view is right...But the question of having belief is based on human perceptions and misinterpretations.

Consider person B who cannot see person A but can rather hear A talking something.He hears something and misinterprets something else,leading to misunderstandings.If it was like sound couldnt pass through walls, like the light then this wouldnt have happened.

Based on these,what are your thoughts and conclusions ?

Vinay Sipani - 3 years, 4 months ago

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When you involve human communication, then things get real complicated. For example, suppose all present were deaf and use sign language? Then it's not likely anyone would "misinterpret" because "they only saw but did not hear". On the flip side, we have the blind but can hear. I already gave as an example of music composer that feels like he's "aware of the whole orchestra" in a way he couldn't by sight. It's true that the blind don't have visual cues, such as expressions on faces as people speak, but ;the blind often do have increased hearing acuity, and so are able to better detect things such as insincerity and lying. This is the kind of subject I would very much loathe to generalize.

Michael Mendrin - 3 years, 4 months ago

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