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Hey! I'm new at brilliant. Today I accidentally pressed the button VIEW FULL SITE on my iPhone. So, how do I return to mobile version?


Note by Leslie Brenes
3 years ago

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Welcome to Brilliant! Hope you enjoy discussing math/science with the community and solving challenging problems. If you have any specific questions, you should post notes about them and you will find many people here to help. Happy Problem Solving! Mira B · 3 years ago

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Try adding ?flavour=mobile to the end of the URL.

For example: https://brilliant.org/?flavour=mobile Suyeon Khim Staff · 3 years ago

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@Suyeon Khim Thank you so much... Since I'm new to this, I only tried with m.bril... And .org/mobile There should be another button to return to mobile version. However, thank you. Leslie Brenes · 3 years ago

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