My difficult life in Thailand as a grade 10 guy

Not sure if this website is appropriate to post anything irrelevant to math and science.

Just me writing something because I'm bored. Thanks for reading. :3


  • My life, inspired to learn pure math, is about to disappear because of the future, and tiger mom + dad.
  • The whole education system in Thailand is ruined like a bad basis step and perfect inductive step.
  • I wanna live somewhere else that I could actually follow my dream of learning and expressing math.

the real netflix is coming:

Life for students in Thailand is horrible as hell. Students compete for famous senior high schools (grade 10 to 12) and universities, and some even compete just for junior high school (grade 7 to 9). You know how? Parents force their kids to study a lot lot lot lot everyday from 8 to 4 (or 5) in school, and from 5 to 7 (or even 9) in extra courses.

Also, after grade 3,6,9,12, there's a "test" called O-Net (except grade 3 uses NT, which is the same) for students around Thailand that could "measure" how "smart" they are. There're 7 subjects, math, science, English, Thai, social studies, technology, health studies, and art. Most of the problems for non-math and science stuffs are up to people's opinions, but the exam says there's only 1 answer that is correct.

Here're some examples of the test in 2011. (translation can be inaccurate) (PG 15+) XD

1. If you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, what should you do according to Thai traditions?

a) Hold the shoulders together

b) Have a date at the restaurant and the theatre (correct answer, yet still debating)

c) Sleep on his/her lap in public

d) Invite him/her to the beach at night

e) Feed him/her in the restaurant

2. If you're sexually aroused, what should you do?

a) Play soccer (yes this is the freaking correct answer wth)

b) Discuss with family

c) Try to sleep

d) Hang out with opposite sex

e) Hang out with friends at the theatre

3. What does a person with "homosexual" behavior show?

sorry the choices are too much I dont even.

4. Villagers saw a weird material. It is spherical, moist, and if it's left dehydrated, it will shrink. What is it?

a) Serpent egg

b) Giant salamander egg

c) Amethyst

d) Black jelly in bubble milk tea

e) Scientific gelatin (answer)

I've seen the forums in Pantip about grade 9 students that they can't even read a single word, and the invigilator was forced by the principal to tell the students about the answers. Yep, there's even an extra course for this exam.

And what I see from extra courses, they are all exams for the admissions to schools, and most of the exams we see are to memorize formulas, grammars, and every single damn thing that aren't useful in real life.

For example in math, Linear Algebra is a big topic, but they don't teach about Cramer's rule, Gaussian elimination, etc. They just teach how to find determinant, adjugate, blahblahblah, i.e. do what they say. In physics, the friction is defined to be f=μNf = \mu N, but they just say to remember as N=mgN = mg because most of the problems says so. In English, they ask about grammar for the whole exam, and a simple conversation in the restaurant to trick you. Statistics have shown that only about 1 in 10 people in Thailand can actually speak English (just like me). By the term speak they mean you can talk in English like you talk as a mother language.

I live in a family of 3, and my family is kinda crazy though. My mom told me to study hard and be a doctor. I really don't want to be a doctor. I hate being responsible of someone's life from my traumatic experience (not like killing someone by accident, but yeah), and I also have a really bad memory that I can't even memorize my 26 classmates' names until 2 months later. When I was a kid, my mom kinda threw things at my brain that doctor is good, and she's doing this till now. I wanted to be a doctor (not really) until grade 8, I studied math in extra courses, just like other students do, and I actually feel like it in intentional way. I also moved to better school because of the "bulldog and shih tzu" stuffs in my old school that I don't even wanna think about that anymore.

I tried a POSN test for olympiad math and I was selected for the first camp (probably by luck, but I was on 102nd by about 5 thousand people). I learned math in there for the god's sake every day but I still love it btw. Too bad I wasn't chosen for the second camp on last year. But this year, I'm chosen for second round and this whole March I'm gonna learn more math. <3

When I was about to finishing grade 9, my mom asked me if I want to go to this school or not. No matter what I answered, she and my sister will force me anyway. The school accepts only 750 people of about 10 thousand people. The admission exam was from olympiad to test the ordinary children, especially math. It's freaking hard (for students) that it includes Nesbitt's inequality in it. I didn't even want to be in this school so I only did math questions and let the other exams fly. My math guy and astrophysics guy are chosen by olympiad degree and told me about the school after being there for 2 months. He complained about the activities they had, it was hell much more than actually studying. He also explained about the exams that it is supposed to be hard because they want students that are good at MCQ questions, especially choices eliminations. I freaking hate it.

I'm almost finished grade 10 in 1 month. My mom asked me about the future when I'm going to college. I want to learn the real math, but mom asked about the future job like "Why are you studying math? What are you going to be? A teacher? No. You don't get enough pay if you become a teacher." "Be a doctor. It's consistent and well paid job." She said for the god sake again, and she didn't even know what I like and I don't like. Right now she's crazy about the future that she's gonna force me to play for 10 minutes and read books all day all night every day every week. She doesn't even know what my target is. Now my sister shuts her pie hole and suggests me some jobs about software engineering and stuffs and said "Because it has lots of math in it imo, so you should like it.". btw It was "meh" to me though. I like playing games, but I could be really lazy like sloth to do stuffs. So I think that's not going to work to me. My sister had a bad experience about this before because my mom didn't trust her to study medical science and become a doctor, so she was forced to study economics and stuffs that I don't know if she likes it or not. What my mom was obsessed with, is money. lol. I rarely ask my mom for games and stuffs for the past 5 years, but when I ask for PS4 during this period, my mom refuses and blabbers about using that money to buy books instead. Yes she's mentally crazy and I personally don't like my mom.

I wrote this for 3 hours and I might talk about why the hell is the education ruined up again the hell of it. Now it's midnight and my project is not done yet. Sleep tight lol.

Note by Samuraiwarm Tsunayoshi
6 years, 4 months ago

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Feeling Sorry Feeling Sorry

tasmeem reza - 6 years, 4 months ago

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Aww not a crying Pikachu lol XD

Samuraiwarm Tsunayoshi - 6 years, 4 months ago

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Is this a scene from the movie Mewtwo strikes back?

Akshay Yadav - 5 years, 5 months ago

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Just do whatever your mind says to you, and that will give you immense satisfaction. #braveheart

Kislay Raj - 6 years, 4 months ago

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Well, in Thailand, being a teacher was considered as the worst choice. We couldn't live being a teacher in Thailand, cuz everyone genius choose to become a doctor. Tough life though. T_T

Samuraiwarm Tsunayoshi - 6 years, 4 months ago

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Feel sorry for you ¨\ddot\frown but hey !! don't worry, what's Brilliant for !! We are here for you ¨.\ddot\smile .

A Former Brilliant Member - 6 years, 4 months ago

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Thank you! >_<

Samuraiwarm Tsunayoshi - 6 years, 4 months ago

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Yes, you should play football. You need to kick it HARD! :v :3

Prasun Biswas - 6 years, 4 months ago

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Mothers are always like that. My mother literally scripted the idea of my future to become a doctor, right from Grade-1. She always motivated me to do Bio and stuff more. Today, I dont know whether its a natural inclination, but I like biology. DONT LOSE HEART. FOLLOW YOUR PASSION. If that is math, defy your mom and pursue math!! Enjoy :D

Krishna Ar - 6 years, 4 months ago

Log in to reply . Pls watch this video..A good motivational video.. :)

Thushar Mn - 6 years, 3 months ago

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probably something even india has too face. every student is either expected to be an engineer or a doctor. i just think even we win this rat race...then also we shall be rats!!

Tarun Kumar - 6 years, 4 months ago

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Remember 3 Idiots ?

Life is a race , If you don’t run fast you will be crushed !!!\text{Life is a race , If you don't run fast you will be crushed !!!}

A Former Brilliant Member - 6 years, 4 months ago

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Like maths, we seek for better ways, not brute forces.

Samuraiwarm Tsunayoshi - 6 years, 4 months ago

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@Samuraiwarm Tsunayoshi Try to be the change that you desire in your society, inspire people around you . Easier said than done ,though !!

Good Luck :)

A Former Brilliant Member - 6 years, 4 months ago

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I agree! In India the conditions are same.

Akshay Yadav - 5 years, 5 months ago

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