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Need Geometry Problems

Hey guys, I can definitely start to feel the heat as INMO is getting closer. Geometry is among my bottom two areas and I need some problems to practise ....( like some lemma proving ) which can quite often be used. Also I would like appreciate if someone could post some RMO-INMO level geometry problems (of course not from the previous papers).

I would also love if someone could teach me homothety. I see that some problems can be solved using that ..... although I know that its quite intutive ... but still i want to learn.

Hope that someone helps me with all these necessities.

Thanks in advance

Note by Shrihari B
1 year ago

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@Shrihari B I would definitely like to help but I have almost no good geometry questions. Even I would like sone geometry questions because even RMO level geometry is hard for me. Svatejas Shivakumar · 1 year ago

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There are pdf's of some good books like Geometry Revised,Plane Trignometry and Problems in Plane Geometry available on the web! Just search on Google and you should find them. Svatejas Shivakumar · 1 year ago

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@Svatejas Shivakumar ok thanks ! Shrihari B · 1 year ago

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@Shrihari B Sorry I made some mistakes mentioning the names of the books. I have corrected it now. Svatejas Shivakumar · 1 year ago

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Wait till inmotc U get enough practice problem qs Nitish Deshpande · 1 year ago

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