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new idea

There was before the establishment of the universe wave of high frequency, (v = fλ )and quickly turned this frequency to into energy by the relationship Planck (e = h * f) and turned the power to the mass of a relationship Einstein (e = mc2 )The Mass smaller elements hydrogen and was a huge amount so it was arounda large amount of article dark matter have a large block so it was under the pressure of hydrogen, and when he turned some hydrogen to helium expanded dark matter and the explosion occurredthen there was the breadth of the universe burst into hydrogen and differentiate into pieces by nature Large pieces like the stars The average of such planets And such small moons and meteors And attraction, including up and access to the system that it is now Can hold practical experience through mini Models Bring cubic 1 km but length will be 1/2 km and compresses the hydrogen and then begins to enlarge length to 1 km will happen the hydrogen explosion spreads to large and small blocks will cool hydrogen From smallest to largest can you tell me it right or what

Note by Abdo Dorgham
4 years, 4 months ago

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