No answer input panel!!

This is for the concerned staff members. I'm unable to answer the questions as the only thing I see when i click a question from the panel, is the question alone!! no place to enter my answer. Please help. The image is what i see upon selecting a question. Please help. Thanx :)

Note by Saurabh Dubey
5 years ago

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  Easy Math Editor

MarkdownAppears as
*italics* or _italics_ italics
**bold** or __bold__ bold

- bulleted
- list

  • bulleted
  • list

1. numbered
2. list

  1. numbered
  2. list
Note: you must add a full line of space before and after lists for them to show up correctly
paragraph 1

paragraph 2

paragraph 1

paragraph 2

[example link]( link
> This is a quote
This is a quote
    # I indented these lines
    # 4 spaces, and now they show
    # up as a code block.

    print "hello world"
# I indented these lines
# 4 spaces, and now they show
# up as a code block.

print "hello world"
MathAppears as
Remember to wrap math in \( ... \) or \[ ... \] to ensure proper formatting.
2 \times 3 \( 2 \times 3 \)
2^{34} \( 2^{34} \)
a_{i-1} \( a_{i-1} \)
\frac{2}{3} \( \frac{2}{3} \)
\sqrt{2} \( \sqrt{2} \)
\sum_{i=1}^3 \( \sum_{i=1}^3 \)
\sin \theta \( \sin \theta \)
\boxed{123} \( \boxed{123} \)


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Hi Saurabh. It looks like your browser is using our print stylesheet during normal browsing.

First, lets make sure that your browser isn't overriding how it renders web pages. Click the menu button (the one in the top-right corner with the three lines on it) and go to Tools and select Developer Tools. Click the gear in the bottom right corner of the window. Select the Overrides link in the left column the settings menu. Scroll to the bottom and uncheck Emulate CSS Media.

If that doesn't help, you may have a browser extension or plugin that is forcing the browser to use the print stylesheet. To test this, open a window in Incognito Mode (Click the menu button and select New Incognito Window) and log in as you normally would. If everything is back to normal, then this is likely the cause.

Let me know if either of those help your situation.

Caleb Rash Staff - 5 years ago

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@Celeb nothing of that sort seemed to work. But I now use Firefox. That seems to work fine. Thanx anyways :)

Saurabh Dubey - 5 years ago

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