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I had a suggestion . We should be notified on comments to discussions or solutions in which we are directly or indirectly involved.Wouldn't it be nice ?

Note by Kushagraa Aggarwal
4 years, 1 month ago

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Hi Kishagraa,

How often would you like to be notified? Would you like to know every time someone posts a new solution to a problem? Would you like to know every time someone comments on a post you have voted on? Currently you are only notified on new comments, if you have commented on a solution or discussion and there is a new comment on that discussion, or if you have posted a solution/discussion and there is a new comment.

We would be interested to hear what other situations you would like to be informed of. Peter Taylor Staff · 4 years, 1 month ago

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@Peter Taylor Ok , i was not clear enough .We are presently notified via mails , rather we want notifications on our brilliant account. i am really sorry, i am noticing your comment late.( as i don't check mails regularly), and hence what would be a better example of what i meant. precisely , i wanted to be notified on my brilliant account if a person comments or likes a comment in a discussion i am involved or if a person votes up or comments on a solution which i have either liked or commented upon or if it is my own solution , or if something new is gonna arrive on brilliant. Kushagraa Aggarwal · 4 years ago

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@Peter Taylor We want to get notified if someone has answered our posted discussion, if someone voted up the solutions we posted and if someone has a reply on our comments/posts. Also, we want to see the progress of our friends in Facebook that has accounts here in brilliant.org :)) JohnDonnie Celestre · 4 years ago

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yes , that would be. Jatin Yadav · 4 years, 1 month ago

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