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Objective Approach

I don't find myself easy with the confusing IIT Pattern.Recently,I was pushed down to the 5th Rank in FIITJEE Ranchi,phase test (which is my worst result till date).I and my teachers are quite depressed about it and we can't find the possible reasons behind this deterioration.I can comfortably solve all problems at class and at home.So,they think that this may be due to the complex exam pattern.Please help me figure out some tactics to tackle the pattern. Thanks,in advance!!

Note by Priyatam Roy
4 years ago

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Solving package questions , on your own may definitely help , we have an awesome package indeed ! Priyansh Sangule · 3 years, 11 months ago

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practice makes a man perfect :-))) and see phase test is just for learning and to get a good experience, thats all Utkarsh Mehra · 4 years ago

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Help please Priyatam Roy · 4 years ago

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