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Olympiad Mathematics Stage 1

Olympiad Mathematics can be charming and enthralling if one picks up the correct attitude to face it, while the same can be nightmarish if one never has any clues of what the problems want. I believe it is easy to solve problems, and gradually rise to a level to solve challenging problems, if one learns how to approach a problem (not the solution, but the attitude one shall have).

This post is to elucidate some techniques to approaching a problem. I am not going to add theories, there are plentiful better sources, but I'll add a few comparatively easier problems in Stage 1, which have come in some olympiads. Solve these, these are easy, & these would help you to gain pace in learning. This post is also subjected to those guys who want to begin with this venture. Through out tonight, I'll be adding problems.

Note by Paramjit Singh
3 years, 6 months ago

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