People always confuse themselves with radical assumptions.. its not the only solution

How to write is unknown cant be me so using my clone to write what it means, if it does or ever will So, people behave like machines working hard working hard but no skill everything seems clear and facile and here it is, justifying your smile

You love to be dangerous, you like being brave with shiver in your body, ten miles away a grave do you really think its funny, the way you find it you dont remember the past, must better rewind it to see what's left, unsaid and undone, can you bear the pain of anyone for someone expectation shattered, you were left alone you didnt share it, let it to moan

You think you are stupid, a fool, and of no use but the very second, a thought to confuse that you may be the best to realize it soon and play all your thoughts, staring the moon

You really make sense and start feeling good and conclude the fact that you finally understood How life takes a leap and makes us old from a mere piece of rock to the glistening gold and suddenly you confront a gratuity which feels like the lifetime opportunity then you tend to gravitate, sensing to be in senses you believe it as the end, when it actually commences

You dont understand this ongoing intonation whenever you feel stable, comes a contrary situation what all you did, no where it led "life is a mystery" at last you said

Note by Ashish Mishra
5 years, 3 months ago

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