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Here are some of the situations from the INDIAN religion (Cricket).I think these can be explained using physics.So here it goes: 1.Why a fast bowler takes a long run to bowl the ball,but not the spinners? 2.When the batsman hits the fast ball what happens to the kinetic energy transferred to the bat? 3.Why the spin ball turns its angle after hitting the pitch also to reach the batsman? 4.Why the ball bounces more on a grassy pitch than others? 5.Why the wet ball skits(moves faster after pitching)? 6.Why a wicket keeper needs to wear gloves even after standing so behind the stumps and not the fielders? 7.Why a ball rolls on the ground and not drags? 8.Why the cricket ball is red in colour in test matches and white in other formats? 9.Why a six is hit by the batsmen that covers height as well as distance,why not a flat six with same distance?(mostly) 10.Why a yorker ball is difficult to hit for the batsman?

Note by Siddharth Singh
2 years ago

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