Plagiarism and the modern world of Today

Have you ever made something outstanding? Did you put tons of effort into it? If so, nice job. How would you feel if someone just copied it? Exact words exact formatting. Nowadays it's as easy a just copy and pasting. How would you feel if this person got the same amount or MORE credit, complements and even fame. All over the world people are feeling this. Especially in academic environments.

I have noticed a lot of this happening in my school as well as many open source coding websites. In school, the goal is to learn. Yes, good grades keep teachers and parents off your back, but the big goal is to learn. Let's say you are doing a report or an essay or any other assignment I didn't mention. Many students do this because they don't enjoy it or it is last second. While you may get a good grade, do you learn? Do you learn the information you may not always have access to? I am not saying you cannot use it. The point is you should phrase it in a way you understand and give credit to the ones you got the information. It is better for your education if you do it on your own and it is better for your education to not plagiarize.

Also, as you know, I see tons of plagiarism on open sourced coding sites. Despite all protection measures, you can still just copy and paste it. They make spin off options, but it is not used. After looking into it more, I have found that because there is a featured list as well as voting, people are far more concerned about popularity than education and learning. For everyone who can't relate, look at Flappy Bird. It was insanely popular. Now, whatever you search on the App Store, you find some app like Flappy Bird. I guarantee that most of them do NOT say that they are based on Flappy Birds. This is what I mean by software plagiarism .

IF we would all take education more seriously, IF we would put education in front of popularity and IF we would take pride in our own work, we could solve all these problems.

|if anyone can think of any other issues I should discuss, please tell me|

Note by Nolan H
6 years, 8 months ago

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I agree with you @Nolan H . Even in my school, i see a lot of cases of plagiarism. Students copy each other's designs and present them as their own work. I truly am with you, and we should definitely do something about this widespread problem!

A Former Brilliant Member - 6 years, 8 months ago

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I don't see students copying other students. I see students copying work on the Internet

Nolan H - 6 years, 8 months ago

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