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Playing with the predictive keyboard

iOS 8 has a predictive keyboard. Probably Android has one too. It tries predicts what you're going to type next. The results are often hilarious and worth sharing.

Here is what I got by manual input of the first word of the sentence:

  • bobbym is the only one who has been in my room.

  • Mathematics is a great way to the gym.

  • Kaboobly Doo and the next few weeks of my favorite part of the year.

  • Don't forget the haters cause somebody loves you so much.

  • A new song is the best thing ever.

Here is what I got without any manual input at all:

  • I'm not sure if I had to do it again.

  • The fact that I can see you in the morning is the best.

  • You can get a job at my school.

Note: I hate closed source software. There is no way to tell that iOS is not giving away my data to Apple who is selling it.

Note by Agnishom Chattopadhyay
3 years ago

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"The fact that I can see you in the morning is the best." is kind of adorable/romantic. Even though the English isn't perfect, the intent is clear. (Maybe if I let my phone do the talking from now on, I'll actually get a girlfriend...)

L N - 3 years ago

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Because my iOS a is spying on me, it is possible that I had said it to someone. Lol.

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Speaking of which, isn't brilliant.org closed source?

L N - 3 years ago

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@L N Brilliant is a webservice.

If you're talking about the Android app, I agree: it is not trustworthy unless it is open source

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Reminds me of Google's Autocomplete. A lot of hilarious results too.

Chung Kevin - 3 years ago

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Tell me the meaning of kaboobly doo please .I want to know . You use it everywhere and anywhere. Its one of the most exciting things i want to know about.

Gautam Sharma - 2 years, 8 months ago

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