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Please help me with this Problem

\(\large Sin \theta+Sin^{2} \theta+Sin^{3} \theta=1\)

Find the value of

\(\large Cos^{6} \theta-4Cos^{4} \theta+8Cos^{2} \theta\)


Note by Naitik Sanghavi
11 months ago

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There's no "nice" solution. You can determine the value of \(\cos^2\theta\) by squaring the first equation and solve the quartic equation, but the final value does not have a nice form. Pi Han Goh · 11 months ago

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@Pi Han Goh I'm sorry !I think the question was wrongly printed in my book!! I searched and found that its Cos^6theta-4Cos⁴+8Cos²!!

Thanks for your reply! Naitik Sanghavi · 11 months ago

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