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There are two experiments given. You need to find the time taken .. . . . . .

1) You are given a Magnesium wire of a certain length, which burns in a NON UNIFORM manner. You are also given matchstick to burn it. The strip burns completely in ONE hour. How will you know that after burning half an hour has passed? You are not aware of the centre of the strip and half no watch with you....

2) Your are now given 2 magnesium wires with the same characteristics as given above. How will you know that 45 mins. have passed after burning?

Note by Shreyas Garkhedkar
2 years, 7 months ago

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1) burn the wire from 2 ends. when the wire has burned out 30 minutes has passed

2) burn one wire from 2 ends and the other from 1 end. when the former burned completely, fires the latter's another end. when the 2nd wire burned out 45 minutes has passed Ngọc Bùi Tiến · 2 years, 7 months ago

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