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Please solve these two problems based on capacitors

I am very confused about solving these type of problems. Please help. I've tried to solve these problems many times but I am not getting the right answer.

Answers: (A) \( \dfrac{12}{11} \text{ V} \), \(\quad\) (B): \( -8\text{ V} \), \(\quad\) (C): \(0 \text{ V} \), \(\quad\) (D): \(-10.3 \text{ V} \).

Answer: \(88\text{ pF} \).

Note by Siddharth Singh
1 year ago

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I applied law but was still not able to get to answers.Can you please give me a detailed solution. Siddharth Singh · 1 year ago

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Apply Kirchoff's Voltage Rule, as well as conservation of charge to find the charges on each capacitor. Ameya Daigavane · 1 year ago

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