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plzzz.. can any1 solve this..

two vessels contain a mixture of acid and water in one vessel there is twice as much acid as water and in 2nd vessel there is 3 times as much water as acid find how much liter of mixture must be drawn from each vessel to fill a 3rd vessel of capacity 15 liter in order that it content must do half acid and half water

Note by Nimit Dave
2 years ago

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Take 9 litesr of mixture 1 ( H2O:Acid:1:2) and mix with 6 liters of mixture 2( H2O:Acid:3:1) and produce a 15 liter of half water half acid. Venture Hi · 2 years ago

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@Venture Hi can u xplain in more depth.... plzz Nimit Dave · 2 years ago

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