Pokemon (Evolution)

John: Which Pokemon is the most realistic? Jill: Whoa whoa whoa there dude! You can't be talking about ALL the Pokemon! John: You're right! We're only gonna talk about Charmander, Bulbasaur, Pikachu, and Squirtle.

Let's adress John's question here. The starter squad (as seen in the picture above) is probably the most iconic basic Pokemon that you might know. I mean, who doesn't know Pikachu? Anyway, back to the topic. For starters, Charmander would definitely be out, even though it is based off a salamander. Salamanders aren't able to control fire. The closest resemblance of Char's attack would be the Bombardier Beetle's signature spray. So, Charmander is in last. Next, Pikachu. Pika is based off of a mouse, and can make electric volts. This is ShOcKiNg, because the air is a bad conductor of electricity. If Pikachu was aquatic, then that would kinda be realistic. But that seems not the case, so Pikachu is in third. Come on, Bulbasaur, come out here! Nevermind. He's too stubborn. Bulbasaur has a plant bulb on the top of his back. Animals CAN have plants growing on them, but can't manipulate them. Bulbasaur's plant seems to have the ability to communicate to Bulbasaur, and that can't be possible. Next, Squirtle! C'mon, don't be shy... Hey, assistant, please drag Squirtle down here. I must simply not let any other contestants skip the show. Squirtle here is a turtle. His signature move is to squirt water violently at other Pokemon. This behavior can be shown in some turtles, who will squirt water to frighten them or intimidate them. A turtle, with the help of evolution, might evolve into something that resembles Squirtle. And with that, check out the quiz on evolution in the link down below: (I haven't made the quiz yet! It will be made by June 9th, at the latest!) If you see any errors or have any questions, please report them in the comments below. I will respond as soon as I can, and will answer questions the best I can. Thank you for reading this note!

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Sorry for the cringe names 🤣... I was really bored. Please don’t report me 😵

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