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In an interview, pranshu gaba was asked a question For a building of 100 floors, a bulb is thrown from xth floor and it breaks.how can you find minimum value of x in an optimum way? Pranshu said its very easy, this is used in successive approximation a/d converter. First consider 100/2=50th floor.if bulb breaks go to 25 , if not go to 75 and so on.... interviewer is satisfied.but then fellow interviewer says that by some logic he has been given that probability of x being in range 1 to 50 is 0.3 and in range 50 to 100 is 0.7 now how to solve this? P.S. it is original problem I dont know if it's even solvable. ?.....

Note by Rushikesh Joshi
1 year, 10 months ago

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