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I know that this feature was included in the site a while ago (when I wasn't a member or don't remember), but I think it could be brought back in a new way. First of all, I know that Brilliant staff didn't want to "waste" precious staff and time on another feature they weren't sure on, so was thinking that "Problem of the Week" could be "Problem of the Month" or "Problems of the Month". Featuring a couple of interesting/tough problems over a longer period of time may be easier on staff. Additionally, I was wondering if somehow Problems of the Month could be incorporated into Calvin's math discussions. For example, the problems could correspond to Calvin's posts so that Brilliant users could practice beyond his few and small problems in the post. Lastly, points could be awarded to users who solve the Problems of The Month. Perhaps it could be a system where easy and widely solved problems award few points and hard problems award more. This would give the Brilliant community more ways to earn points but not so much that it would drastically influence the balance of things and the value of the virtual Brilliant point. Any thoughts?

Note by Justin Wong
4 years, 4 months ago

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