Hi, my name is Leo (new here) i'm a user of 3D softwares like 3Ds max, maya, blender etc. The biggest problem of 3D softwares are the uvw who need to be applied to 3D models or meshes. the uvw mapping applied to a 3D object give to the object a texture coordinates. For example if you make a 3D table and apply uvw the wood texture or picture of wood is applied to the 3d mesh. The main problem is the uvw formulas are completely WRONG. That's why LOT of people are trying to develop their own 3D uvw plugin who can apply correct uvw coordinates to 3D objects. But event those plugins are not working!

Here its the formula for the uvw i found.

link text

here im going to show you the process of 3d sculpting simplified to 5 pictures here i sculpt a roc cave in low poly

when we apply uvw coordinates to the object it looks good! squares are squares....but wait....

if we move around the object we can see the uvw are not working we have lots of deformations, and the result is if we put a texture on that object like wood or anything else, the texture is completly broken, deformed due to the wrong uvw coordinates. if i continue to sculpt my object and add more details, the uvw coordinates become really horrible even if we add a smooth to the object we can see the uvw coordinates are completely wrong and the object is almost useless because the texture we apply later are completely wrong!

here the 3d object rock with a texture, we can see textures are stretched.

And that's what we need to solve, the problem is we can try everything flat uvw coordinates, cylindrical, spherical, box, face uvw no one is working. here a cylindrical uvw mapping we see more stretched texture.

here a spherical uvw mapping it get's worst!

here a box uvw mapping the texture is broken in different parts

So what 3D artist need for their work, it's a new tool with a new fresh formula who is correct, and doesn't make those huge errors of uvw coordinates.

here i show you a very simple 3D sphere where you can see the uvw deformations.

here a flat uvw coordinates applied we see the stretches

here a cylindrical uvw coordinates applied we see more distortions now...

here a spherical uvw coordinates applied even spherical uvw coordinates on a spherical objects are wrong , we get stretches at the top & bottom of the 3D sphere.

here a box uvw coordinates applied we see the texture broken cut in parts

I'm not a mathematician, or expert in mathematics, i was looking for a mathematical problem to solve for the 3D artist we are, that's why i'm here, i hope to get some help from the brilliant people of this forum.

What we are looking for is a formula who can be used, applied in a plugin or script who can be used in 3d softwares and who definitely SOLVES that HUGE problem we have today.

Thanks to everyone for reading me Leo

Note by Leonardo Sedevcic
3 years, 1 month ago

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this as not being solved, we are looking for a real solution to this problem !

Leonardo Sedevcic - 3 years, 1 month ago

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Is this part of coding or playing with 3D stuff or …(awkward silence)...

Mohammad Farhat - 2 years, 11 months ago

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its part of coding 3D users are looking for a new script who can correct that huge problem !

Leonardo Sedevcic - 2 years, 11 months ago

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I am sorry. I cannot help you

Mohammad Farhat - 2 years, 11 months ago

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@Mohammad Farhat I do basic coding not these stuff

Mohammad Farhat - 2 years, 11 months ago

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