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Proofathon Spring Competition

Dear Proofathoners,

We are just days away from the Proofathon Spring Competition. This competition will cover the areas of Algebra, Number Theory, Geometry, and Combinatorics. The prizes are as follows, the upper places receiving all of the prizes of the lower places as well:

1st gets his/her name added to the Proofathon Super Hall of Fame. 3rd gets a copy of Mathematica, as well as a Proofathon t-shirt. 10th gets a commemorative score certificate. Everyone gets the experience in solving maths problems.

I wish you luck, I will see you at proofathon.org this Friday, the 28th at 0:00 EST. The contest is one week long, so that should give you ample time to compete and succeed.

Good luck, Proofathoners!

Note by Cody Johnson
3 years ago

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An example of a past Proofathon problem:

Prove that for all real \(x, y,\) and \(z\),

\[ |\cos (x)| + |\cos (y)| + |\cos (z)| + |\cos(y+z)| + |\cos(z+x)| + |\cos(x+y)| + 3|\cos(x+y+z)| \geq 3.\] Calvin Lin Staff · 3 years ago

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Hey Cody , just saw your solutions on proofathon. Amazing work there. Could tell me which books you follow to study maths.? Also could you give me ur email id? mine's sbrdacm@gmail.com Rik Raut · 3 years ago

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@Rik Raut You can contact Proofathon at proofathon@gmail.com Cody Johnson · 3 years ago

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