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Prove it

Prove that

\(\tan n\theta =\large{ \frac{ \binom{n}{1}t - \binom{n}{3}t^{3} + \binom{n}{5}t^{5} - ...........}{ 1 - \binom{n}{2}t^{2} + \binom{n}{4}t^{4} - .........................}}\)

where \(t = \tan \theta\)

Note by Megh Choksi
2 years ago

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By De Moivre's theorem

\((cos\theta + i sin\theta)^{n} = cos(n\theta) + i sin(n\theta)\)

Writting the binomial expression of

\((cos\theta + i sin\theta)^{n}\)


Equating real part to \(cos(n\theta)\)

And imaginary part to \(sin(n\theta)\)

We get(let cos = c, sin = s)

\(\displaystyle c(n\theta) = c^{n} - C_2^{n} c^{n -2} s^{2} +\ldots\)

\(\displaystyle s(n\theta) = C_1^{n} c^{n-1} s - C_3^{n}c^{n-3} s^{3} + \ldots\)

Dividing equation 2 by 1 we get

\(\displaystyle t(n\theta) = \frac{C_1^{n} c^{n-1}s - C_3^{n} c^{n-3}s^{3} + \ldots}{c^{n} - C_2^{n}c^{n-2}s^{2} + \ldots}\)

Now divide by \(\cos^{n} \theta\) in numerator and denominator to get the required expression.

Hence Proved! Krishna Sharma · 2 years ago

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@Krishna Sharma Thanks Good solution Megh Choksi · 2 years ago

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I would solve this one by using De Moiver's identity (cosθ+jsinθ)^n=cosnθ+jsinnθ. Then tannθ=sinnθ/cosnθ. By expanding into powers we have (cosθ+jsinθ)^n=Sum(j^k *sin(θ)^k * cos(θ)^(n-k) * (n per k) )=Sum(j^k *tan(θ)^k * cos(θ)^n * (n per k) ). By grouping into real and imaginary parts we can get the result given. (I should learn to write in these posts in a more beautiful way :))) ) Nicholas Nye · 1 year, 10 months ago

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@Nicholas Nye thanks for proving, refer this

For posting problems with mathematical expressions refer this

For a complete guide for higher mathematical expressions refer This Wikibook

An example -

Writing this we get,

You can refer others too ,

Right Click a problem and select open in a new window

Now just copy it your job becomes easier

For posting images in a comment write

! [Description or leave it blank] (Url of the image) ( don't leave any gap here)

For posting question and solutions its not needed as you now @Nicholas Nye Megh Choksi · 1 year, 10 months ago

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@Megh Choksi Thanks!! Nicholas Nye · 1 year, 10 months ago

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@Megh Choksi @Sanjeet Raria You too please Megh Choksi · 2 years ago

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@Megh Choksi @Mursalin Habib @John Muradeli @Cody Johnson You too please help

To Brilliant.org ,

Here after a comment is posted and when we click the edit button and want mention someone the menu is not coming . we have to make a new comment for this

For example firstly I forget about the people in the second, third and four comment and when i clicked the edit and type their name the menu was not displayed Megh Choksi · 2 years ago

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@Megh Choksi Yes that's an issue - what you need to do, as far as I'm as a non-moderator am concerned, is mention all the names first, in the order you want, and only then type your text. If text needs to be between the names, space the names appropriately.

This does need to be fixed, though. I thought I was the only one, but apparently not. John Muradeli · 2 years ago

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tan (A+B+C+......) = \(\frac{S_{1}-S_{3}+S_{5}-.....}{1-S_{2}+S_{4}-......}\)

Where \(S_{i}\) is sum of products of i terms taken at a time.

For A=B=C...=\(\theta\), You will get desired result! Pranjal Jain · 2 years ago

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