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Hey Brilliantinians. I've decided to learn CS, but I am in a trouble. All the people in my school tells me to learn C++ but here in Brilliant community I see Python is the favourite one. What are the avantatges or disavantatges of each of them?

Hoope you can help me.

Note by Jordi Bosch
4 years ago

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print "hello world"
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You can start with python. The major difference between Python and C++ is that Python is a high level language and C++ is a low/middle level language. The short explanation of the advantages and disadvantages is that C++ will run faster than Python, but you will be able to program faster in Python than in C++.

For example, printing 'Hello World' in Python:

print "Hello World!"

1 line for 1 task, its pretty nice and simple it's a basic hello world program, you have an idea of what it does.

for the same in C++:

(hash)# include "iostream.h" using namespace std;

int main () { cout << "Hello World!"; return 0; }

All that just to display a string.

Python is easier for a beginner to learn. The basics you learn in Python will assist you in learning C++. BUT, If you are serious about programming, I would learn them both. Basic and non resource intensive games will be fine on Python. But C++ can do u more help, but considering the difficulties, Bottomline: if u are new to c++ and want to learn concepts faster, learn python in ur free time. However, don't forget that C++ is equally important, if ur school recommends it.

Radha Krishnan B - 4 years ago

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Hey! I'm good at java and C++ but, I don't know python. I would like to learn it though. Could you suggest some website or book through which i could learn it?

Abc Def - 4 years ago

Log in to reply is an excellent website to learn python basics. You can use it to learn python in 2 days, if you are good in concepts in java or C++. Considering you have learnt both, it will be a cakewalk.

However, if you want to try a little of the advanced concepts, you can try though, the latter could be used if you completed former. is useful if you want to excel in python programming, but not as sophisticated as the former two.

Radha Krishnan B - 4 years ago

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Thanks man!

Jordi Bosch - 4 years ago

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hey... it is always easier to learn python as a fundamental conceptual programming language, later on u can learn other langs with ease..... You can even program intermediately with python.... enjoy.... programming

Rishabh Sharma - 3 years, 8 months ago

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