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Question: algaebra exponent questions a^b

By the definition of exponents:- a^b is the base multiplied by itself the number of times indicated by the power.

You have a question: 2^8^2 and your "correct" solution was 2^64 and the obvious solution of 2^16 was marked as wrong.

In site has a wrong answer published:-

2^8^2 is published as 2^64 which is wrong answer. It may seem logical but it still wrong. I believe that your site should validate all its answers prior to publishing.

The correct answer is 2^16. The trivial problem of 2^3^2 2^3^2 = (2^3)^2 = 8^2 = 64 Do we: add, multiply or eval as powers a complex power: multiple all else is wrong is: 2^3^2 = 2^6 or 2^9

2^3^2 = (2^3) x (2^3) = (2x2x2) x(2x2x2) = (2x2x2 x 2x2x2) = 2^6

pls remember 10x10x10 = 10^3

The additional rule of:- a^(bxc) =a^(cxb) = a^b^c = a^c^b


I have been looking at some of your questions and the rigor of some of your solutions is a but dubious on some occassions. On some occassions the question statement needs to be complete and without ambiguity.

Note by Naipaul Ojar
1 month, 4 weeks ago

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No, this is a common misconception. See this article: How are exponent towers evaluated? Pi Han Goh · 1 month, 4 weeks ago

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