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Question regarding demotion of levels

Hi all,

Firstly, apologies if this is a stupid question. If so, would someone kindly please redirect me to the appropriate section where I would be able to receive my answer. Thankyou.

Anyway, my question is this: how does one become demoted in levels? I only sparingly answered questions this week, and last week, as I wasn't able to spend too much time on Brilliant. Now, for some reason, I have been demoted - at least - one level in almost every single area ...

Help is much appreciated. Thank you!

Note by Stefan Qin
4 years ago

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I would like level demotion to be optional.

I like to work on the hardest problems, however I don't always have time every week to do every single problem. I don't see what harm it would do if level demotion were optional/removed. Matt McNabb · 4 years ago

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Hi Stefan,

Here is the basic way leveling works: If you view more than four problems in a topic in a week, you are considered "active". If over two consecutive "active" weeks you get less than 50% of the problems you enter an answer to right, then you will be leveled down. If you get most of the problems right each week for two consecutive weeks, you will be leveled up.

Hope that helps! Peter Taylor Staff · 4 years ago

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@Peter Taylor bump, can a staff member comment please?

As mentioned earlier, I was demoted from 5 to 4 for attempting 3 questions and only getting 2 right, in contradiction with your stated policy. This week I am still at 4 after getting 4/4, would prefer to be at 5. Matt McNabb · 4 years ago

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@Peter Taylor Last week I entered correct answers to two problems, and incorrect answers to one problem, and did not attempt one problem, on Algebra 5. This week it put me down to Algebra 4. So I got 66.666...% of the problems I entered an answer to right (unless my algebra is no good, heh) Matt McNabb · 4 years ago

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@Peter Taylor Sorry if this is a stupid question.

So, based on your statement, if I view all of the problems and I don't answer anyhitng, I won't be demoted, will I?

Edit: By the way, is it 'more than 4 problems in a topic'? I only have 4 problems per topic, which is not more than 4. Vincent Tandya · 4 years ago

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