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Questions? [Angela's Messageboard]

Hi everyone, I've been here on Brilliant since December 2014 and this is my very first note. Ask me anything you want and I'll try to answer it. Thanks for my 11 followers and I hope to get more followers. I'll be more active in Brilliant and share problems and more notes, hopefully, in the near future. Thanks.

Comment here if you want a note or a question about a certain topic. I'm open to any suggestions.

I've decided that I'll make 2016 problems for the year 2016. Please suggest topics, etc. for my future problems. Please comment it here: Suggestions?

Here is the set: 2016 Problems

Also, this is a replicate of the original note: Questions? [Angela's Messageboard]

I'm a bit inactive since I'm busy but when I come back I'll have tons of new problems...

Note by Angela Fajardo
1 year ago

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Hey everyone, I now have 43 followers and here is the first fact: There is a point in π wherein there is a sequence of six 9's at its 762nd decimal place. It is called Feynman Point Angela Fajardo · 1 year ago

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Nice set, :-) Ashish Siva · 10 months ago

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@Ashish Siva Thank you :) Angela Fajardo · 10 months ago

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Looking forward to more difficult questions in your 2016 problem set. 展豪 張 · 10 months, 2 weeks ago

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@展豪 張 Thanks :) now that I'm active again be sure to check it regularly :D Angela Fajardo · 10 months, 2 weeks ago

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@Angela Fajardo Good! Sure I will check it. 展豪 張 · 10 months, 2 weeks ago

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