Random Feature Request :D

Hi guys!

I've been thinking about the all-new Brilliant Wiki, and I think there could be a few improvements to it. I do like the way it's classified according to topic in Practice, but this could be improved greatly.

I feel that we shouldn't tie it up so closely to Practice Mode. For example, some people may want to searh for a certain, very specific topic, and they don't know what it's under. Rather than having to search all the topics one by one, I'm recommending that we could have a search bar for wiki articles -- for example, on the search bar on top, as well as 'Problems, Notes, Sets' and 'Members' we could have a third option: 'Articles', for example. This would definitely increase the efficiency of searching for information on Brilliant.

Secondly, I'm not sure about this (I'm not a moderator, of course, but it's just a friendly suggestion in case :D) but we could assign some moderators to the wiki articles. Since anyone can edit these articles, some evil people might want to play pranks and replace the wiki with some nonsense words. So to prevent against that, I'm suggesting that we patrol the wiki pages more frequently.

Third, I think we could add links to wiki pages from problems too! Just as there are 'Related Problems' under wiki pages, we could have 'Related wiki articles' under problems too! That would be helpful to users in many ways too.

So whaddaya guys think? Feel free to comment :D

Pleasr reshare this so it can get to the staff.

Thanks! :)

Note by Yuxuan Seah
6 years, 10 months ago

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Those are some good suggestions.

Regarding being able to search for wiki articles through the search bar: you can currently do this. Here's a screenshot.

Imgur Imgur

All the wiki edits have to be approved by staff, so that solves your next issue.

Mursalin Habib - 6 years, 10 months ago

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@Calvin Lin ? @Peter Taylor ? What do you think? :D

Yuxuan Seah - 6 years, 10 months ago

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Thanks for you feedback. I am extremely encouraged by the response in the community. Despite launching for less than a week, we have more than 160 pages which have something added to it, and half of them have substantial writeups! We have just embarked on this project, and we felt that it was better to publish a basic version first, before adding in features that the community would like.

1) I agree with "not tie it up so closely to Practice Mode". We chose that for launch, as that was the easiest way for us to provide structure and explanations to others. We are planning on having Wiki pages that do not have a corresponding Practice Problem set, and are looking forward to launching this features. For example, in Upcoming Skill Maps - Number Theory, I started highlighting (in blue) skills which I felt would have good wiki writeups, but may not lend themselves to having a corresponding Practice section.

2) We will also work on getting moderators involved with the Wiki review, and are figuring out a good approach. I agree that we do not want "evil people who might play pranks and replace the wiki with nonsense". Thankfully, we have not seen such instances as yet, and all edits were made with good intentions.

3) This can already be achieved by selecting the corresponding skill that your problem uses (assuming that such a skill exists). Doing so will show a "recommended skill", with a link to the practice section and wiki page. Currently, we decided to limit it to just 1 skill for simplicity, but might open that up in future.

Calvin Lin Staff - 6 years, 10 months ago

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